Located in San Diego, California, WHIS is the premier Health IT company addressing the challenges hospitals face when integrating Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) into their clinical and business operations. WHIS streamlines the administrative process, so that providers have vital patient information at their fingertips, when it matters most.

WHIS is a multidisciplinary team of 16 clinicians and IT professionals headed by world-renowned informatics pioneer, Dr. Park. Using the same expertise that ushered the Department of Defense into the 21st century of integrated healthcare administration, Dr. Park and his team provide unparalleled experience to evaluate and solve issues that arise when EMRs are injected into modern healthcare systems, thereby optimizing current applications while simultaneously implementing new techniques and technology crucial in competing in today’s healthcare market.

As leader of the Department of Defense’s Content Advisory Group, Dr. Park streamlined how clinicians and administrators employed EMRs to insure that their healthcare delivery system ran effectively and efficiently. His ED module was standardized to be used throughout the Department of Defense. From his groundbreaking work on the CAG, Dr. Park was able to staff his WHIS team with the best minds in clinical healthcare and Health IT.


Having started his career in emergency medicine, Dr. Park knows first-hand that the difference between life and death is the immediate and comprehensive overview of your patient’s history. Identifying this critical link between data and provider is why Dr. Park was chosen to lead the Military Heath System’s electronic health records effort in standardizing documentation and care processes, and linking all EMRs for the U.S. military’s 57 hospitals.

Dr. Park

Dr. Park’s fervent belief that technology should support any and all forms of medical care prompted his creation of a global disease surveillance system which now provides real-time, 24-hour-a-day, surveillance of disease outbreaks.

WHIS considers your patients their patients, and understand that medical professionals on the front lines need the information at a moment’s notice. They also understand that working with new technology requires an adjustment period. With that in mind, Dr. Park and his team have engineered an integrated health care system which enables your hospital’s interoperability to work seamlessly with all existing protocols. It is WHIS’s mission to supply the medical professionals of today with the technology of tomorrow.

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