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What is WHIS?

WHIS is a Health IT services company which provides clinical informatics expertise to help hospitals address and overcome the challenges they face with leveraging their EMRs in their clinical and business operations.

Who is WHIS?

WHIS is a multidisciplinary team of 10 clinicians and IT professionals who have worked together to help the Department of Defense optimize the use of it’s EMRs.  The core members of our team have worked together for  nearly a decade and provide a unique perspective and approach which fields multidisciplinary teams of clinicians and technical experts to jointly evaluate and address the pain points and issues that the arrival of EMRs has brought to modern healthcare systems.

What expertise does WHIS have?

WHIS currently has expertise in the follow domains:

Physician Informaticist

Nursing Informaticist

Clerk Informaticist

Coding Informaticist

Data Mining and Business Analytics

Systems Interfaces

Clinical Workflow Analysis

Technical Writing

Project Management

Clinical Research

How did WHIS acquire their expertise?

Dr. Park led the DoD’s effort which was known as the Content Advisory Group (CAG) to optimize how the clinical community and administration utilized their inpatient and outpatient EMRs to deliver care and run the healthcare system.  Singled out for his Computer Science background, Dr. Park was identified by hospital leadership in 2007 to lead the implementation of the Clinicomp Essentris EMR in the Emergency Department at the Naval Medical Center San Diego.  That effort resulted in the development of a standardized ED module consisting of clinical processes and EMR screen which was replicated throughout the DoD.

Based on that unprecedented success the model of an ED module was then expanded to develop modules for all the clinical and administrative arenas of the hospital.  Eventually no less that 25 modules were developed spanning the ED to the lab the TeleICU and to the OR.

The CAG effort brought together over 2500 clinical and technical leads around to globe to focus on ways to enhance healthcare.  Synchronizing the processes, materials and efforts amongst the 25 disparate domains is the purview of the Enterprise CAG which maintains and ensures a patient-centric focus which remains at the core of modules.

Upon retiring from the DoD, Dr. Park brought together key clinical, technical, programmatic and thought leaders from the DoD’s CAG effort and with them established WHIS to allow the team to bring the knowledge and expertise that they had acquired over 9 years with them as they transitioned from supporting federal healthcare and moved into the commercial healthcare space.

What service(s) does WHIS offer

Right now WHIS offers the following services:

Data mining and business analytics

EMR content optimization consulting

Clinical process optimization consulting

Business process optimization consulting

HIT Systems integration consulting

TeleMedicine consulting

Where is WHIS located?

WHIS is a Delaware Corporation which is headquartered in San Diego, California.  However, it’s team is distributed in nature and spread out over the United States.  The team developed the tools and processes to support a distributed workforce while supporting the DoD in it’s global operations and leverages cloud technologies and collaboration tools to overcome the tyranny of time and space.

When was WHIS founded?

WHIS was incorporated in 2015.

How is WHIS’s operations funded?

Whis is a privately held California Corporation that is founded and owned by Dr. Peter Park. Dr. Park continues to practice medicine actively and has been working with multiple healthcare systems in order to gain real life hands on experience with some of the leading EHR solutions for him and his team. Whis has the resources needed to scale its operations as needed to offer the best results to its clients.

Who are WHIS’s target clients?

Ideally, WHIS would like to work with rural and critical access hospital’s in rural health care settings. WHIS believes that these communities in particular have been negatively impacted by the ARA/high-tech act of 2008. The mandate to utilize electronic health record for patient care and then mandating extraction of data from these EMR’s has created a new need for these facilities.

What differentiates WHIS’s services?

Our services are differentiated from our competitors in several ways. First, due to Dr. Park’s exposure to rural healthcare, WHIS is focused on delivering informatics and analytic services specific to rural healthcare systems. WHIS as a mission driven organization is able to focus on this sliver of healthcare which services 72% of the geography of America but only 15% of the US population. Although this is not the most financially lucrative portion of the US healthcare system to address, it is a segment of our healthcare system which meets the goals, mission, and vision of our founder.

A second differentiator for WHIS is the pricing model of our services. Having come from the federal healthcare arena, we continue to base our pricing off of the federally discounted GSA schedules.  We selected this pricing model to ensure that our customers would receive the best possible value for any expenditure.

Another differentiator of our services is that our model which is predicated on utilizing multidisciplinary teams of active clinicians and technical experts to overcome the language barrier that separates the clinical community from the IT.  How often have we seen clinicians deliver the “requirements” to IT support staff only to have the technical solution which was returned to them completely missing the mark. Building upon the software development experience of Dr. Park coupled with his experiences as a clinician, we have found that creating blended teams which bridge the IT and clinical worlds allows us to hasten the otherwise onerous process of developing meaningful solutions.  We are certain that these same processes which we have developed over the last eight years will help bring solutions in a more timely fashion to our clients.

The final differentiator of our services is our size and our dedication to personalized services and to a mission other than providing profits for shareholders. At the end of the day as a physician our founder is committed to personally delivering healthcare and helping his colleagues and other systems do the same.  In essence, the company allows Dr. Park to further fulfill his personal healthcare mission. As a small company, WHIS is able to remain focused on providing services which will “Wow our Clients.”  We want to ensure that our clients get the best possible value for their investments and feel good about the investments they have made.  As a small company, the founding members of WHIS are able to take the time to individually cultivate relationships with our clients and get to know them on a personal basis so we can better understand and help them meet the challenges that they face.

Why are WHIS’s service better?

WHIS provides much more than anonymized IT services. We are dedicated to fostering the relationships which are necessary to allow our staff to understand the challenges and opportunities for optimization in our client’s clinical or business environments.

As a small company WHIS is also able to move resources rapidly onto a project in the event that it becomes clear that the expertise to most efficiently and effectively address a challenge lies with other personnel on our team. As a small company that subscribes to agile methodologies we have learned to rapidly adapt to changing requirements and opportunities as they are identified.

What is WHIS working on right now?

WHIS is also working on developing strategic partnerships with firms such as Cognitive.  We have jointly submitted a bid on a EHR Optimization contract that San Diego County released for it’s County Psychiatric Hospital.

Dr. Park is also working with clinicians at Black River Memorial Hospital to mine their EMR to study the impact of Clinical Decision Support Alerts on the identification and management of septic patients.  He is also working with them on enhancing their processes and EMR tools for the management of patients suffering from strokes.  Due to the population of older patients in the community these are both hot button issues.

Finally, WHIS is preparing to go to HIMSS17 in order to identify further business opportunities.

What success has WHIS had?

WHIS has been able to develop reports for BRMH which have allowed them to save man power and enabled them to meet their regulatory and jurisdictional requirements.  We need to better quantify the value of our efforts.

Where does WHIS want to go in the future?

WHIS aims to establish relationships with healthcare systems to help them better meet the needs of their communities.  Although WHIS is not a non-profit it is a mission driven company.  Dr. Park’s vision is one where rural healthcare systems are not at such a stark disadvantage with regards to the services available to them relative to healthcare systems in urban centers.

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